Photo courtesy of Martin Hay

Monday, 30 April 2012

Getting the itch

The return of the rainy season is beautiful - it's cooler, we get dramatic rainstorms and, well, it's cooler! But the one small snag is the return of the mosquitoes. I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person who swells up when I get bitten by mosquitoes, it's like a form of torture for me.

Tonight I finished my run at UNMISS and was mulling over the happenings of the day as I stretched out my limbs until dusk fell. Immediately I was set upon by 100, no, 1000 mosquitoes biting all over me, feeling the tingle as each bite turned into an excruciating undeniable itch! Look what they did to my ear!!

Seriously, mosquitoes are the most pointless and annoying creature there is - I challenge you to name one good thing they do for our world... just one!

And, before the advice starts flooding in, yes, I'll be sure to put on insect repellent next time. Although, I draw the line at putting it on my ears, ridiculous.


  1. That looks painful! I agree Mosquitos are rubbish. No need for them at all really! Hope your well, love your blog :-) x

  2. Yeah, painful. At least it wasn't your nose ;-)

  3. I also hate mosquitoes! However, I am encouraged by the Wikipedia article describing their many uses! But, most importantly, there is a tip on that article of how best to kill mosquitoes that we ALL should know! (To do with oscillating leaves! )